UK Programme

Host a UK-MIT Intern


Host companies and research institutions provide MIT students with pivotal personal and professional experiences. Many hosts say that their organizations benefit just as much as the students do. They report that MIT students bring fresh perspectives, new knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit and invigorating enthusiasm to these environments.

How it Works

• Working closely with our host partners, MISTI programme managers recruit MIT students and match each with a host and project.
• Projects are designed to align the skills and interests of the student with the needs of the host.
• Before departure, MIT-UK offers support for travel and accommodation logistics and organizes cultural preparation events for students.
• Internships typically last 3 months during the summer and also occur throughout the year.
• Upon return, students submit reports and serve as Ambassadors for the MISTI programme and the host company or research institute.
• The majority of hosts provide a stipend to cover internship costs.
• Many students continue collaboration with their hosts after completing the internship.


Host Expectations

• Work with MIT to obtain UK visa when necessary.
• Provide a challenging and detailed project and a workspace for duration of student’s internship.
• Assign a supervisor to oversee the student.
• Arrange bi-weekly check-in meetings/evaluations to discuss progress and goals of project.
• Give workplace orientation and clarify schedule/hours.
• Participate in post-internship survey/evaluation.


• Internships may lead to publications, patents, conferences and a deeper connection with the MIT community.
• Students gain an in-depth firsthand understanding of the UK workplace and culture, and are able to experience and help transform innovative technologies and cutting-edge research.

Support MISTI

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