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Post-Brexit immigration policy: the Welsh Government needs you

uk immigration policy

The way businesses hire workers from the EU is likely to change significantly after Brexit, with a white paper published in 2018 setting out the UK Government’s intention to introduce a new single immigration system, ending free movement and the preferential treatment of EU citizens.

Other measures include a £30k salary threshold and employees working in ‘low skilled’ jobs only being able to apply for short-term visas of up to a year.

The Welsh Government is currently seeking the views of businesses operating in Wales to understand what is important to them, and what their concerns might be regarding the current proposed policy, in particular:

  • How the new system will impact the resources of employers and employees: for example the financial cost of the visa system or the need to provide training to HR teams to carry out the new processes
  • To what extent would businesses be impacted by a £30k salary threshold for skilled work visas?
  • What is the potential impact of short-term visas for low-skilled workers for business in Wales?
  • Do the sectors most likely to be affected by a large reduction in EU workers (social care, health, manufacturing, agri-food, tourism, hospitality and retail), match your experiences of skills gaps in the Welsh labour market.

Rachel Blackburn, operations director at the Welsh Aerospace Forum, is working with the Welsh Government to collate the views of business - any feedback will be gladly received by her via email.